Fit 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Anti Spill Lazer Cut Floor Mats

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Fit For Tesla Model 3 2017-2020 3D Floor Mats Anti Spill Lazer Cut Floor Mats

Our floor mats offer interior protection for your Tesla that are specifically made using groundbreaking edge-to-edge precision accuracy, ensuring that your precious Tesla Model 3 floor stays in NEW condition.

Made from Heavy-Duty Rubber and sports the advanced high-capacity raised edges and grooved design that captures all the dirt without spoiling the car’s floor. Whether it is dirt, mud, debris, or spills, you can be REST ASSURED that these mats are equipped to PROTECT your Tesla.

Odorless materials!!! PET FRIENDLY environmentally friendly materials!!! NO harmful chemicals!!!

FAST & EASY TO CLEAN whether in your home or at a gas station, they are 100% WASHABLE and in less than a few minutes, they will bring back to life by simply laying the mats on the ground and rinsing them down to ensure the lifespan of your vehicle’s interior.

Package includes:

1x Driver Side Floor Mat

1x Passenger Side Floor Mat

1x Rear Floor Mat